Būchan, Kanamachi  ブウちゃん、金町
Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 9:36PM
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Having girded ourselves for the long journey over the river to Katsushika-ku with beer and denkibran at Kamiya Bar, and based on nothing more than my belief in a recommendation and an Instagram photo, Tobi-chan and I decided to kick off Golden Week with a visit to Kanamachi’s Būchan.

This pork motsuyaki place ticked all the atmospheric old-school blue-collar izakaya boxes, and seemed just the place to settle in for a prolonged Saturday afternoon session. Unfortunately, the menu failed to keep us there for long.

We’d been hoping for something similar to the dining experience at Katoriya, but as it turned out our hopes were dashed. The food was okay – nothing special, but good no nonsense cooking centered on pork offal. The problem was the lack of much else besides. There’s only so much grilled piggy bits one can take without something else in the mix to liven things up. What little else there was was okay, but being limited we ended up feeling we’d tried everything within half an hour of arriving. Even the potato salad couldn’t save us, only being available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. After less the an hour we were back on a train headed for Asakusa and dinner back at Kamiya Bar…

Tsukemono - strong tasting, very slippery 

Interior - classic syle, counter seating around open kitchen

Pork liver - tasy, but small 

Pork offal - neck and ???

Grilled tōfu - lighlty seared, topped with onion, daikon and ginger

Interior - kitchen

Grilled vegetables - shitake mushrooms, leeks, peppers

Asparagus - comes crunchy and accompanied by cherry tomatoes and too much mayonaisse 




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