246 Common, Minami Aoyama  南青山
Friday, July 5, 2013 at 7:01PM
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For those that love city-life and yet occasionally yearn for open air, ad hoc (or at least designed to appear so) drinking/ dining venues, the appeal of 246 Common is apparent, providing dashes of counter-culture and back-to-roots chic in equal measure.

Occupying a slice of prime Minami Aoyama/ Omotesando real estate on Aoyama Dori (Route 246) that could have just have easily been purposed as a parking lot, this “commons” is billed as “food carts and farmers markets.” The open air setting, with a variety of cute little food trailers, kitchens, bars and other stores arranged around a central wood-chipped and tented area (for rainy days), makes for a pleasant change of scene as does the within-easy-reach variety of dining/ drinking options. That said, we found the selection more limited than expected, but fun all the same.

Some robust cocktails were to be had, along with a bar that essentially specialized in generous plastic cups of iced Hakushu whiskey. One charming yatai-style, Showa-themed “bar,” serving a nice mix of nihonshu, shochu and umeshu, also plied a good trade in daylight robbery, with bottled Kirin beer leaving little change from a 1,000 yen note. 

Of the food we tried, which was all pretty good and reasonable priced, the most memorable was the Brooklyn Ribbon Fries. A little slow on delivery, but well worth the wait and an excellent accompaniment to a steady flow of drinks.

246 Common is also in the same neighbourhood as Torimasa, so if you book ahead…

Kome to Sākasu - Nostalgically appointed, but harsh on the purse 

Brooklyn Ribbon Fries - moreish

Bars - plenty to choose from

Shrimp salad on white rice - wholesome, filling

Pan-fried shrimp

246 Common

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